Why Wear Rashguards In Boxing? Take Your Training To The Next Level

Half of sports injuries occur due to the lack of awareness about safety precautions. Combat sports are no different but require more safety measures. Although professional boxers are highly trained and use protective equipment to ensure their safety in the ring and during workouts, there’s always room for improvement. Gear items like custom boxing gloves, hand wraps, mouthguards, groin protectors, and shin guards serve best during fights, but what if you get all rashed up and sick during training before the fight?

Rashguards, as the name suggests, protect a boxer from rashes and burns during training and workout sessions. These highly durable and comfortable shirts are not super-fitted but fit enough to allow free movement and moisture-wicking properties. While the primary purpose of rashguards is the prevention of cuts and burns, they offer a range of other benefits in boxing, which this article will discuss.

A Brief Timeline of Boxing’s Legacy

Boxing has a legacy that goes beyond historical records. It started as a bare-fist combat sport where fighters could use kicks, headbutts, knees, etc, and hit each other until one couldn’t continue. The Greeks adopted the sport as “Pugilism,” added it to the Ancient Olympics, devised the first rules, and taught their military pugilism as a martial arts technique. Later, the Romans continued the Greek legacy until they deemed boxing too brutal and banned it. Boxing regained popularity in the 1680s with a new name: “Prizefighting.” Multiple steps were taken to revolutionize the sport into something more engaging than brutal. Boxing gloves were invented, new rules were devised, protective gear was introduced, and professional boxing became the sport we all love today.

How Were Rashguards Introduced to Martial Arts?

In the vast history of boxing comprising centuries of ups and downs, there hasn’t been a specific gear or apparel. The only focus was on wearing shorts that are durable, breathable, and allow flexible movement during fights, preventing injuries. As boxing progressed, it was divided into amateur and professional classes, with professional boxing being the more intense type. The several hours of intense training in sweatshirts and t-shirts caused chafing, and excessive sweat caused bacteria to settle on the skin, resulting in skin diseases and allergies. This problem was common to all martial arts since the training techniques were similar, involving the consistent impact of the body with equipment or training mat. This situation demanded a durable outfit that could stay dry and protect against chafing.

Rashguards are said to have originated in Australia, where they’re referred to as “rashies” or “rashys.” They were used widely as swimsuits across the globe for the following properties:

  • Made from lycra and spandex materials, the rashguards are water-wicking.
  • They feature a flatlock stitch that strengthens the garment and allows for increased stretch.
  • Multi-panel construction helps protect from UV rays in the sunlight and offer a blend of comfort, performance, and style.
  • Custom rashguards offer unlimited style personalizations as well to boost your or your team’s momentum.

The moisture wicking, impact protection, and free movement properties of rashguards attracted the eye of martial arts. They were first introduced to martial arts training by the Brazilian surfing community who wore rashguards to their BJJ(Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) training classes.

Five Benefits of Wearing Rashguards for Boxing Training

Rashguards have become absolute must-haves in MMA and BJJ for protection against friction burns during takedowns and moisture-wicking properties. They offer the following significant benefits for boxing training:

Acts as a Layer of Protection for the Skin

Whether hitting a bag, using a skipping rope, or in a sparring drill, you are prone to contact between your skin and the equipment. The friction may cause rashes and cuts on your body, which can lead to viral, fungal, and bacterial diseases. Rashguards are designed to shield your body against such situations, making them an essential training item.

Allows Unrestricted Movement

The flatlock stitching and multi-layered construction add strength and flexibility to the premium material, making rashguards a second skin for your body. They offer natural body movement, reversible wear, and enough durability to withstand intense training sessions.

Offer Breathability

The lightweight knitting on top of the moisture-wicking materials allows for airflow in rashguards. It wicks all the moisture from your body, which reaches the rashguard’s outer surface and evaporates by your body heat, making you drier and more relaxed.

Helps Reduce Muscle Soreness

Boxers often experience muscle fatigue and soreness during training drills and workouts. Rashguards are massagers for the joints and muscles, keeping these essential body parts pressed during workouts and training sessions. This either reduces or prevents muscle soreness and fatigue, allowing quick recovery. Many fighters recover quicker from post-training or fight fatigue with rash guards than without them.

Rash Guards are Stylish!

Did you know the only difference between surfing rashguards and martial arts rashguards is the design and style? Traditional surfing rashguards are white and black, while MMA, boxing, and BJJ rashguards come in various designs and styles. Boxing rashguards can resemble your championship belt, your club’s theme, or show off your unique style.

Final Thoughts – Top Quality Rashguards For the Best Training Experience

There’s no confirmed date to when rashguards were introduced to combat sports, but they’ve quickly made a prominent position in the industry. These form-fitting outfits are an essential part of every boxer’s training and workout apparel, enhancing the overall performance. Rashguards are a great alternative to t-shirts that don’t offer the same level of moisture wicking, muscle compression, and flexibility features.

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