Why Ukraine is a Top Destination for Surrogacy: Legal and Financial Advantages

Ukraine is home of the world’s largest surrogate mother’s community as surrogacy is legally allowed in the country. The Family Code of Ukraine (Clause 123) defines terms and conditions related to medically assisted reproduction.

Even during the ongoing war, Ukraine leihmutter number is more than one thousand. Additionally, the success rate of surrogacy is high, so if you are planning to avail surrogacy, Ukraine is one of the best countries to have this facility.

Moreover, with thousands of surrogate mothers available, making it one of the best options to go for surrogacy. Further, medical facilities in the country are supportive for surrogacy and the legal framework is easy to work with.

Let us explore more in detail.

Legal Requirements of Surrogacy in Ukraine 

Ukraine has legalized surrogacy services under certain circumstances. Therefore, intended parents should meet these requirements before opting for a Ukraine leihmutter facility.

  • Intended parents must be married before they can opt for surrogacy
  • Surrogate do not have a right to hold the baby or claim any rights
  • The birth certificate of the surrogate will be issued in the name of intended parents
  • Intended parents are legally allowed to donate or use donor embryos
  • Parents have the right to go for the gender selection of the baby

Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine 

Many couples are looking towards Ukrainian surrogacy considering the success ratio and affordable prices. Although, overall cost of surrogacy depends on factors like legal fees, agency fees, medication and surrogate costs. However, on average the total cost of surrogacy in Ukraine ranges between $105,000 to $115,000.

Thus, making it one of the best and cost-efficient options for surrogacy services. Further, we suggest selecting the best clinic to avoid any future complications. 

Who can go for Surrogacy in Ukraine?

Since surrogacy is carefully regulated by law, numerous challenges may come across during the procedure. Further, it requires specific medical requirements, documentation and proofs from intended parents and surrogate. 

As defined by the law, all intended couples must meet the following requirements before they can legally avail surrogate services.

  • Intended parents must be legally married and are heterosexual
  • They have a valid marriage certificate
  • Medical history of infertility
  • The female must have medical evidence for inability to create baby, if FET surrogacy is required
  • Embryo transferred must have a genetic connection with one of intended parents
  • The surrogate should not have genetic connection with the baby

Benefits of Ukraine Surrogacy

Ukraine surrogacy has a history dating back to the early 2000s. Since the country has legalized the procedure. Thus bringing legal protection of rights of surrogate and intended parents. 

Here are key benefits of surrogacy in Ukraine.

  • Protected by law
  • Registration of intended parents’ names on the birth certificate
  • Issuance of passport (travel documents) for the child after birth
  • Protection of parents rights to hold the child
  • Commercial surrogacy facility available (approved by Ministry of Health)


Ukraine leihmutter is a program protected by legal framework and offers full right to intended parents. With a success rate of more than 90% and excellent healthcare facility, it is one of the best surrogacy programs around the world.

Further, you can have full rights to the baby as your name will be printed on the birth certificate and you can get the passport of the baby without hassle, thus making it an attractive option.

Likewise, the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is also affordable as compared to other countries.

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