Rules For Asana Practice – Learn It In The 200 Hours YTTC

Now, you must be hearing the word, ‘asana’ for the umpteenth time. If you are thinking about a holistic way of life, or have already adopted the same, this is for you. The science of yoga and asana, goes beyond the pre-Vedic times. So, to demystify a bit, asana are the visible part of yoga. They are poses, to be precise. Your body can take up numerous poses. Yoga means ‘union’, and through asana, you can facilitate that union with the higher order or consciousness. The kind of poses, which can help you to align yourself with the universe, is called ‘Yogasana’. 

If you happen to join the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, you will understand more about the same. However, if you are still undecided, here are a few facts that can help you make that ultimate change in your life. You must have noticed that different emotions govern the way you sit and stand. Or better still, when you walk, and look around. When you are happy, you behave in one manner. Then again, when you are sad, you behave in another manner. Many times, you will be able to tell what the other person is feeling, just by seeing that person from a distance. 

The main benefits of yoga can be obtained, if you create harmony between the mind, body, and soul. Learning yoga is a matter of choice, rather than chance. So, following the rules is essential, to excel in all spheres. 

Basic Rules Of Yoga Practice Decoded – 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

  • Continuity – The first thing that you need to keep in mind is continuity. You have to be regular with your yoga practice. If you give your body a jolt one day, and then forget all about it, it will not yield the desired results. You cannot just start one fine day, and move into more complex exercises. You have to make it a point to move from simple ones to complex ones. You have to practice yoga sequences, serially, as taught by the teachers. You cannot just break into anyone’s sequence for the sake of it, or its attractiveness. 
  • Regularity – Additionally, regularity is also very important. You should keep a certain time aside each day, for your yoga practice. If you are comfortable practicing in the morning, do so regularly. On the other hand, if you want to practice in the evening, do so at that time. This will help the body, mind, and the soul to get used to it. 
  • Moderation – It is also absolutely important to maintain moderation, in whatever you do. If you are unable to do yoga for some time, due to some issues at work, or tiredness, then do not do. You may take a rest for a while. Additionally, if you are sick, or have undergone some trauma, you should try to relax a bit. Moderation is the key to perfection. 

Now, let us delve into some of the general rules here.

General Rules Of Yoga Practice 

  • You should always pick up lines practice yoga with bowels empty. That is why early morning practice is good. You can practice around 5-6 am, to connect with the higher energies that are very active around that time. However, if you are a working person, and cannot take out time in the morning, you can also do it in the evening. However, you should maintain a gap of 2-3 hours, with your last meal. 
  • You ought to relax for 10 seconds, after each yoga asana or pose. Breaking in and out of poses, with jerks is also not advisable. Even if you are doing a dynamic form of yoga, the same rules apply. There is always a sequence, which can help the body to deal with position changes, more effectively. 
  • You should also abstain from having too much tea and coffee, while doing yoga, or before it. You can have a banana or a protein shake instead. Herbal juices also work, as well. 
  • Again, comfortable clothing is a must, if you want to practice yoga. Always wear light coloured clothing, in cottons and natural fabrics. It will allow the skin to breathe. So, the Prana can also travel well throughout the body. 
  • You should start yoga with easy poses, and then move onto more difficult ones. It applies to both novices, intermediates and professionals. 
  • All the women must abstain from doing yoga, during their menstrual cycles. The twists and folds can exert pressure on the female reproductive organs, which can be detrimental to the overall health. That is why one should stay away from yoga for a while. 
  • It is also advisable, that you clear all the channels like the excretory system, respiratory system before starting with yoga. This is where the Sat karma kriyas come in. You should ensure that the body does not have any stale food, toxins, or mucus inside it. 
  • It is always better to take a cold shower after your yoga sessions, as the body heats up. Blood circulation is also at its best. 


So, these are a few rules that you need to keep in mind, while doing yoga, or before, or after it. Yoga is one of the best healing sciences, which can transform you. The changes will be visible, after you have aligned yourself with the forces of nature. Yoga can help you develop more calmness and thoughtfulness as well. Learn about all of the above and more, through the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

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