How to Play Basic Roulette at Hi88 for Beginners

How to play Roulette This is the content that Hi88 bookmaker members are currently researching. This interesting game is very popular and is present in all casinos from offline to online. Even if you are a newbie, you can still perform the operation quickly. To know how to play, you must first understand the following information.

What is Roulette?

Roulette is a name that anyone who has ever participated in a casino has probably heard of. This game is quite special and is designed with spins and numbers. Preparation equipment to start a game of Roulette will include a betting table and a numbered spin. In this game we will have a series of numbers from 0 to 36 to choose from. Currently, Roulette has 3 different entertainment versions including European, French and American.

Brief overview of how to play Roulette

How to play Roulette in Hi88 vip Not too different from the traditional style. Overall you just need to focus on the numbers and make predictions with them. Participating in this game online will bring you attractive payout rates and a series of interesting betting options. If you are interested and want to experience something new, you should definitely try playing this game.

Content related to how to play Roulette 

How to play this game will include a lot of content that you need to remember. Some of them are terms, rules or information about betting. Below, Hi88 will answer each specific item for you How to play Roulette This.

Basic terminology

In the game, every word is captioned or notated entirely in English. Therefore, if you want to master it, you must understand its meaning first:

  • Backtrack / Ball track: A word used to refer to the groove of the ball while it is in rotation. If started, the ball will roll in the groove and move on the numbers.
  • Biased Numbers and Wheels: Numbers present on the bonus wheel.
  • Black Bet: The betting box is denoted as black.
  • Bottom Track: The position of the ball when it is between the number and the groove on the wheel.
  • Croupier: The people who do the job of putting the ball into the bonus round.

Words that belong to how to play Roulette

Rules for playing Roulette

In this game, we will have numbers on the betting table and bonus round. They all agree on the same series of numbers so that when the result stops on the spin, it is also the result on the betting table. The only purpose when you participate in this game is to accurately predict the number that will appear. Depending on the bet you choose, the reward mechanism will be different. When the spin ends, whichever number the ball lands on is the result on the betting table.

Several forms of betting

In cách chơi Roulette, there are many betting options for everyone to choose from. We will have a few typical bet types as follows:

  • Column Bet: Bet money on a series of 12 numbers at the same time.
  • Odd Bet: Bet money on odd numbers on the table.
  • Quarter Bet: Bet on the numbers located on the 4 corners of the Roulette table.
  • Split: Put capital on the dividing line between two adjacent numbers.
  • Corner: Bet on the corner where 4 numbers in a row intersect.
  • Basket: Place money on the first line between 0 and the first number column in the game.
  • Odd or Even: Play according to odd even, the number 0 here will be considered even.
  • High or Low: Almost like over/under, High will be from 19 to 36 and Low will be from 1 to 18. The number 0 will not be counted in this type of play.

Step-by-step instructions on how to play Roulette

After understanding all the necessary content about this game, we will go to each specific step as follows:

  • Place a bet: When starting, your screen will appear with betting windows to deposit money. In this step you need to make your predictions for the playing doors.
  • Dealer spins: After the betting step has been completed, the system will now start the spin. The ball will be rolled here within the specified time given by the house. Whichever box the ball rolls into is the final result of the game.
  • Announcement of results: When the spinning wheel has completely stopped, the croupier will announce the winning bets on the screen. If you win, the money will be immediately paid to your Hi88 account.

Steps to complete a game in how to play Roulette


The above is How to play Roulette Details and all the basic content of this game. Although it is not too difficult, here you will have to make choices with many different betting options. Therefore, think carefully and make correct predictions based on experience and tips from previous players. If you want to participate in Roulette at Hi88, start by registering an account and learning about the game.

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