Features Of Yoga Teacher Training Courses In Rishikesh

Are you searching for a yoga ttc in India? Then, ideally Rishikesh is the best place for that. You will find a wide array of options in this divine town. There are plenty of reasons why the town is so famous for yoga. However, the location geographically is just a coincidence. There are plenty of other features that make the place conducive for yoga training. Yoga is actually a lifestyle for the residents of this divine land. 

Now, let us explore the features that make yoga learning in Rishikesh so ideal. 

  • Beyond The Conventional 

If you have been practicing yoga for some time, you may notice that the practice includes most common asanas. Most neighbourhood schools concentrate on the physical aspects of yoga. However, when you step into the divine territory, you will find that yoga is more than just asana practice. Apart from the most common asanas, you will also learn other advanced asanas. Moreover, you will get to know which body areas each one targets. Additionally, you will also learn about meditation and Pranayama as well. It is a universal subject, with lots of depth, which is explored in a profound manner only in a place like Rishikesh. 

Moreover, you will learn authentic yoga, which is not the case elsewhere. It involves an all-round approach in Rishikesh. You will be studying in much more depth than you could have ever imagined. The course is not just aimed at equipping you for a teaching career, but beyond that. It is a trip of self-discovery. 

  • It Is A Way Of life 

If you are interested in making yoga a part of your lifestyle, then you have got to learn yoga in Rishikesh. You will be participating in yoga classes daily as a part of the residential yoga courses. You will also be eating Sattvic food daily. The food that you ingest also plays a huge role in preparing your body and mind. You will start thinking like a yogi. Additionally, students are supposed to follow the strict guidelines like waking up early in the morning and retiring early at night, as a part of the courses. It helps in developing a healthy mind and body. You will learn to achieve greater heights with some basic necessities. That is one of the features that separate the course at Rishikesh, from other places. You can go for the yoga ttc in India, without any doubt, if you want to imbibe the above qualities. 

  • Universally Accepted Certification 

If you do your yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, you will be getting a certification that is worth it. Most good registered yoga schools are under the umbrella of Yoga Alliance that standardizes yoga education all over the world. Living Yoga School is one such yoga school in Rishikesh, where you can learn and earn, both. After you complete the course, you can apply for registered teacher certifications. It will open up numerous pathways for you. And they will not just be limited to your home town, but all over the world. You can embark on a rewarding career, just after completing the course. Many students also open their own yoga schools, which is a class above the rest. 

  • Better Understanding Of The Philosophies 

When you decide to pursue a yoga course in Rishikesh, you also pursue authenticity. You will get an in-depth understanding of the subject. Yoga is not just about asanas, but the realm also includes meditation, breath works, cleansing activities, mudra, bandha and a lot more. You will also learn about the philosophies, from the best teachers. Living Yoga School will give you detailed knowledge on the same, better than any other school. The reason behind the same is the authenticity of the school and its teachers. If you are aiming to make it big as a yoga teacher, you must have full conviction on the modality. Once you understand the background and history of yoga, you can do more than what others with half knowledge can. Yoga asana is just a small part of the course. In fact, the arena is larger than you have ever imagined. 

  • Improved Practice In Alignment With Modern Times

When you enrol for the yoga ttc in India, you are trading for two things. One is knowledge, and the other is its presentation. At Rishikesh, you will be able to receive authentic and traditional knowledge from the best. Thereafter, you also learn how to apply the same knowledge in modern settings. That is why the courses are so coveted. You can learn about the same in an unadulterated manner in this divine town. 


You will also be able to discover all yogis, just like yourself in Rishikesh. Learning with like-minded people does make a huge difference in a modality like yoga. Joining the yoga course in the divine town, will also change the course of your life. The yoga ttc in India is one of the best things to happen today, as it will change every life that it touches. You will be gaining divine knowledge in the process, which will shape your life as well as your career. 

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