Fantasy Booking Roman Reigns’ Long Awaited Return 


Roman Reigns has not been seen or heard from since headlining both nights of WrestleMania 40, where he would stop his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship to Cody Rhodes after a whopping 1,316-day reign. In his absence, Solo Sikoa has taken control of a new look Bloodline, ousting Jimmy Uso from the faction and in his place bringing in real-life cousin Jacob Fatu, as well as Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa. However, with Reigns’ long-awaited return seemingly getting closer and closer, it remains to be seen the direction that WWE Creative will take with the Tribal Chief. 

One certain thing is that Paul Heyman is now desperate for the Head of the Table to return. The Wiseman refused to acknowledge Sikoa as his Tribal Chief on a recent episode of SmackDown and was promptly powerbombed through a table for his troubles. Will Reigns return and seek vengeance for his longest-serving ally? Or will he join forces with the new man at the Bloodline’s helm and run roughshod over WWE once again? Lots of people are eager to watch Reigns once more, as he’s an enormously popular wrestler.

Here is how we would book the return of Roman Reigns if we could decide on its direction. 

Money in the Bank Return

First up, let’s check out the odds on offer. At the recent Clash at the Castle Premium Live Event in Glasgow, Scotland, a popular website offering online sports betting in Canada made current WWE Champion Cody Rhodes a -2000 favorite to defeat AJ Styles, and he duly lived up to the billing, defending his title in style. Now, he is locked in a feud against the Bloodline and will face Solo Sikoa, Tonga Loa, and Tama Tonga in a six-man tag team match alongside teammates Randy Orton and Kevin Owens at Money in the Bank in Toronto. Regardless of who wins that clash, Reigns should return at the match’s conclusion, but it’s unclear as to whom his target is. 

Will he go after the American Nightmare? After all, he did take his championship from him on the Grandest Stage of Them All, and Reigns will surely want another crack at the gold. Or should he go after Sikoa, the man who has inherited Reigns’ once mighty faction, ousting two of its former members in the process? 

Solo Costs Reigns the Championship

We envision a bright, exciting play where, rather than immediately gunning for Solo, Reigns makes it clear that he is back for one thing, the WWE Championship. He states that once the title is back in his hands and their family is relevant once again, he will prove himself as the Head of the Table. The matchup is made official and is set for the main event of SummerSlam on August 3rd. The trilogy, Rhodes vs Reigns III. In the build-up to the clash, Reigns tells Sikoa that he no longer wants nor needs the Bloodline’s assistance and he needs to prove to himself that he can beat Rhodes one-on-one, something that his former enforcer is clearly displeased with. What a setup this would be.

In a back-and-forth clash in Cleveland, Cody and Roman embark on a matchup for the ages, with neither able to keep the other down for the count of three. Then, late on comes the classic ref bump triggering the Bloodline’s interference – only on this occasion, they attack the former Tribal Chief, rather than his long-time rival. This costs Reigns the gold, allowing Rhodes to retain his championship. 

And what do we envision coming next?

War Games 

After the shocking betrayal, Sikoa continues his warpath on Friday Night SmackDown. He continues his feud with the champion, stating that Rhodes only clung on to the gold because of his interference. The pair clash at several B Level pay per views with the American Nightmare successfully retaining the title on each occasion. In the month leading up to Survivor Series, Reigns returns, and he reassembles the Bloodline as we used to know it, with both Usos in tow, as well as Paul Heyman for good measure.

Reigns challenges Sikoa’s new look Bloodline to a War Games matchup, with none other than the former Honourary Uce Sami Zayn joining forces with Reigns one last time. In the four-on-four clash, it looks like Reigns and Co. are about to emerge victorious when none other than The Rock returns, helping Sikoa secure the victory and proving once and for all that he is the Head of the Table and he always has been. Now that would be a match to remember.

WrestleMania Clash With The Rock 

The War Games interference sews the seeds for The Rock and Roman Reigns to finally clash in the biggest WrestleMania main event of all time next April. The Brahma Bull has Sikoa and the Bloodline 2.0 in his corner, while Reigns is flanked by his loyal cousins Jimmy and Jey Uso, as well as Paul Heyman. It’s a contest that WWE has been wanting to book for years now and we saw rumors about it taking place at WrestleMania 40 in February 2024. 

Unfortunately, a certain Cody Rhodes scuppered those plans but in our vision, at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, the clash will finally take place, with Reigns defeating The Rock once and for all and securing his legacy as perhaps the greatest WWE superstar of all time. Wouldn’t you love to see this journey take place?

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