What are the top Delta 10 E-Cigarette from Cake?

Delta 10 has been a relatively new horse to the race and has been catching up to the frontrunners like delta 9 and delta 8 thanks to its wellness benefits as noted by most users. Plus, having a milder potency also helps for some users.

And brands like Cakes have been offering quality delta 10 vape carts for the users over the years. If you want to explore Cake vapes in the delta 10 category, you are in luck. We list out our favorite picks for the best delta 10 vape carts from Cake. So, read till the end to know which is the right vape product from Cake for you. But before, here is a quick background of delta 10 for those unfamiliar with this cannabinoid.

What is delta 10 THC?

Delta 10 Tetrahydrocannabinol is the less cooler brother to delta 8 and delta 9. The eldest cousin, Delta 9 is known for its extreme euphoric qualities, while the middle child, delta 8 is known for its relaxing effects. But we have delta 10 on the opposite end of the spectrum. Delta 10 THC offers relatively milder euphoric effects and is known to give quite the energizing and uplifting experience. And being a hemp derived product, delta 10 products ensure a more natural hemp profile.

Top picks for the best delta 10 vapes from Cake

Here is our shortlist of the best delta 10 vapes

Delta 10 disposable vape pen: AK 47

The AK 47 is a ballistic hybrid that has its lineage steeped towards the sativa side. This is a very potent strain that gives off a cerebral buzz accompanied by a floral and sweet taste. Strain specific terpenes added in the blend, allow this vape to replicate the complete flavor profile of the AK 47 strain. This disposable vape is a full spectrum product, meaning that apart from delta 10 THC, expect to find traces of delta 8 as well for a rounded off experience. Product comes in a 2 ml disposable form factor with a rechargeable battery.

Delta 10 disposable vape pen: White Widow

Another full spectrum delta 10 vape with traces of delta 8, this product comes infused with terpenes extracted from the White Widow strain. This allows each puff of this delightful vape to impart a spicy and earthy flavor with a very sweet and piney aftertaste. Effects can range from a very uplifting high along with a rush of energy. Many users have noted that the White Widow strain is the perfect strain that helps them focus and stay creative. This disposable vape comes equipped with 2 ml ejuice of the finest delta 10 extracts along with a rechargeable battery that allows you to use the product till the very last drop. Dispose it safely after the product is empty.

Delta 10 disposable vape pen: Green Crack

The Green Crack is a sativa inspired hybrid that draws its lineage from the Sunk #1 lineup. Many even refer to this strain as the Mango Crack thanks to the strain’s iconic tropical flavors. Each puff of this delicious delta 10 vape is going to offer a very citric flavor that will remind you of munching on fresh mangoes and pineapple. The exhale can leave a very sweet aftertaste for a long time. The product is known for its subdued high which makes it an ideal daytime use product. This full spectrum delta 10 vape also has traces of delta 8 that give off the ultimate entourage effect. The 2 ml disposable vape comes with a robust atomizer that vaporizes the ejuice quickly to deliver dense draws from the mouthpiece.

Delta 10 Live Resin Vape Cart: Strawberry Starfruit

Filled with 2 ml ejuice with the goodness of delta 10 and delta 8 along with terpenes from the Strawberry Starfruit strain, this is one amazing vape from Cake that you need to explore. Doing justice to the name, each puff of this delicious vape is going to overflow your senses with a rush of strawberry sweetness with earthy notes. The sweet aftertaste is complementary with each exhale. This delta 10 vape cart from Cake is universally compatible with all 510 tread vaporizers. Simply remove the product from the packaging and clip on to the vape device. It is that simple to get started with vaping with this delta 10 vape from Cake.

Delta 10 Live Resin Vape Cart: Pink Runtz

The Pink Runtz is a balanced hybrid strain, drawing lineage from its super famous parents; the Zkittlez and Gelato. Each draw of this full spectrum delta 10 vape is going to offer with giddy effects that uplift the mood. The euphoria is also quite potent with this. Terpenes from the Pink Runtz strain, delta 8 along with heavy doses of delta 10, make this an amazing product. The flavor has quite the fruity and cherry hint with a notable sour undertone. Exhales will leave an intense candy like aftertaste. This 2 ml vape cart is 510 tread compatible and works with all standard vaporizers. The botanically derived ejuice should last for over 100 hits.

Are Delta 10 products legal?

This was made legal during the introduction of the Farm Bill in 2018.

Products made from delta 10 distillates extracted from hemp plants with less than 0.3 percent delta 9 are legal at the federal level in the US. And thus all delta 10 products from major brands like Cake are compliant with all legal standards and therefore are legal to use.

However, state laws might vary and therefore, you need to check local regulations before buying delta 10 products. 

Delta 10 vapes are the biggest hits and with surging demands, brands like Cake are at the forefront of innovation to deliver the best products. The products mentioned on this list are some of our favorites but by no means this is an exhaustive list. We simply love so many delta 10 vape products from Cake that it can’t be put on a list. But you be adventurous! Try out one from our list of bestsellers or explore the wide range of delta 10 vapes from Cake to find the right one for you today!

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