Updates on the Upcoming WWE Premium Live Events

WWE’s premium live events (PLE), previously called pay-per-views, are a year-round thing. What makes them super exciting for the fans is all the drama that started in the weekly events climaxes in the PLEs. So naturally, fans look forward to the PLEs and the drama centered around the climaxes of their favorite wrestlers.

The good news is that WWE has announced the next round of PLEs, which will take place till the end of August 2024.

A few events have taken place so far and we already have a bucket full of memorable WWE moments. Not to forget the epic showdown between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes where both legends were on fire. Damian Priest’s injury in Clash at the Castle 2024 was another good one, as he put on a brave face and fought Drew McIntyre through the pain.

Let us get to the schedule for the upcoming PLEs and how to watch them online.

WWE Experiments with PLE Schedule

Before we get to the actual schedule, here is a little update for all of you. 

You may have heard that WWE has been having discussions about its premium live events’ air times. Now confirmed by PWInsider, the starting time of the PLEs has been shifted to 7 pm, instead of 8. While we do not know the reason behind this change, it may be due to the reason that families with kids can watch these events and call it a day earlier.

Apart from timings, there are reports that PLEs might stop airing on Saturdays for the time being. This arose from UFC President Dana White’s indication that TKO wants to consider airing UFC on Saturdays while WWE will air on Sundays. This might not always be the case, but maybe until UFC is in town.

Now that is sorted, let us get onto the WWE PLE schedule for 2024.

Upcoming Confirmed PLE Matches

We will be seeing a total of four PLE actions in July and August of 2024. The May and June matches have already taken place, from the Clash at the Castle to NXT Battleground.

  • Money in the Bank Will Air on July 6, 2024

A fan favorite, WWE Money in the Bank will air in the beginning of July 2024. The event will be the 15th edition of the Money in the Bank series. The event will take place in Toronto, Canada, at Scotiabank Arena.

  • NXT Heatwave Will Air on July 7, 2024

Same as the Money in the Bank, NXT Heatwave will race WWE fans’ hearts in Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada. The event will air on 7th July 2024.

  • SummerSlam Will Air on August 3, 2024

Coming after WrestleMania in the competition for the most popular WWE PLE, SummerSlam is set to air on 3rd August 2024 and will have fans partying hard. For the first time since 1996, Cleveland will host the event at Browns Stadium.

  • Bash in Berlin Will Air on August 31, 2024

It is time to travel to Germany for WWE, to host its next PLE. As an international event, Bash in Berlin will air on 31st August 2024W, at the Mercedez-Benz Arena in Berlin.

How to Stream WWE Premium Live Events Online?

Now if you are from the lot that is clueless about live-streaming the premium live events online, here is how you can do so.

The first option is subscribing to Peacock, an NBC streaming service. It has two subscriptions, Premium and Premium Plus. It exclusively airs WWE content.

The second option is the gold standard all around the world for watching WWE premium live streams. The WWE Network is the company’s own streaming service where you can watch all the upcoming and past premium live events.

Bonus Section: How to Enhance the Streaming Experience?

You have all the updates on WWE’s annual premium live events and how to stream them online in case you are not a cable subscriber. Here are some bonus tips on improving your streaming experience:

  1. Have a Dependable Internet Connection: Since streaming needs a high-quality internet connection for a smooth experience, you should ensure you have a good internet connection. Cox Internet is one option, offering high-speed and seamless connection.
  2. Make Sure Your Subscription is Up-to-Date: It is smart to check if your subscription to online streaming services is up-to-date or not. Nobody wants a ‘recharge your account’ message appearing on their screen when a WWE PLE is about to start.
  3. Use Compatible Devices: You can watch the premium live events in high-definition if you are using a compatible device. Make sure you know which devices are compatible with the streaming service you are subscribed to.

WWE’s annual premium live events are the epic showdown nobody wants to miss. The drama and the emotional storylines coupled with WWE-style action are the highlights of PLEs, which is what they are famous for.

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