Tips to Improve Your Competitive Gaming

Undoubtedly, the 2010s and 2020s will be remembered as a heyday for gaming. Though the gaming industry has been mainstream, diverse, and popular for a while, the late 2010s ushered in a totally new era in gaming.

First, it introduced millions to spectator gaming. Esports took off in part thanks to gamers who were interested in tuning in live to major matches and tournaments. Aside from hyper-competitive gaming, the rise of casual mobile titles also helped expand gaming’s reach. 

Now that the dust has settled and gaming is at the forefront of entertainment, there are more ways for players to improve their skills than ever before. Many are doing so in the hopes of someday going pro as a gamer. Or, if not as a competitive player, then as another important part of the eSports infrastructure. 

Many are borrowing tricks of the trade from other gaming worlds. In the world of professional poker, for example, players often compete in tournaments to help put their skills to the test. While table games are a great way to learn and improve, tournaments are when the rubber hits the road in terms of strategy, tactics, and reading other players live.

For gamers looking to go pro, entering tournaments is a great way to improve skills, gain visibility, and put all of their tactical knowledge to the test. But it’s just one of many things they can do to gain the edge they need to succeed. Here are some of the best tips to improve competitive gaming skills quickly.

Be Intentional with Gaming Sessions

Poker players enter tournaments to see how their skills pan out in a professional setting. Some might even enter with the goal of trying out specific tactics. That level of mindfulness is something that gamers should bring to almost every gaming session (aside from pure downtime). 

To improve gaming skills, focus on them individually. Try to create metrics that are relevant to your game of choice in order to start benchmarking results. Using this type of data-first approach, you should be able to identify which areas you struggle in, along with where you excel.

Join a Community

Once again, poker provides a great example for competitive gamers to follow in terms of training infrastructure. One of the best ways to improve competitive gaming skills is to immerse yourself in gaming communities that are specific to your favorite title and possibly even position/character/skill. 

By joining a community, you expose yourself to new ideas and approaches. On a streaming platform, that might mean watching streams that focus on areas you struggle with. On a gaming forum, it might mean reaching out with specific questions and then getting into the nitty-gritty with other players.

Follow Successful Players

Joining a gaming community is one of the most hands-on ways to improve your outlook as a competitive gamer. But diving into forum debates involves a high level of participation—one that players might not always be up for. If you’re feeling a little fatigued, a great way to keep developing your skills is to take on the position of a spectator.

Twitch and YouTube host thousands of popular and successful gamers. Whether they’re competing for fun or with the hopes of joining a professional team, viewers regularly pick up new insights just by watching.

In fact, if you’re feeling a little bit hung up on where to find a gaming community to join, Twitch and YouTube can provide avenues for further exploration. It’s a common place for players to meet and even join forces as teammates and build competitive teams.  


Consider Taking a Course or Hiring a Trainer

The world of competitive gaming mirrors professional poker in many ways—and the same is true for traditional sports. Back when eSports was taking off, more than a few investors from the professional sports world lent their experience to help create teams, contracts, leagues, and more. 

Unsurprisingly, there are now agents, trainers, and coaches who have experience taking gamers to the next level. If you want to improve your competitive gaming skills, one of the easiest ways to do so is to hire a trainer or take an educational course. The former will be more specialized (and more expensive), while the latter might be more general (but still helpful and accessible).

Compete at a Higher Level

Knowing when to level up is a fraught topic for gamers. Depending on the title, exposing themselves to new challenges could dent their overall rating—along with a slew of other complications. But leveling up is one of the key ways to get better.

That might mean taking on a level with a different character or weapon. It might be as simple as attaining a new level and taking on a new set of challenges. Regardless, don’t shy away from the challenge—it’s a sign that all your hard efforts are starting to pay off.

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