Solitaire for Beginners: The Ultimate 2024 Guide

“Solitaire how to play” is currently one of the most searched keywords. Solitaire is an attractive game with simple rules, so it attracts many players. However, not everyone is familiar with the rules and betting methods, especially beginners. If you are also confused about this issue, read the article from jun88 guide!

Introduction to the Solitaire game

Before we guide you on how to play Solitaire, we want to share some important information about the game. Solitaire is also known as Klondike.

This is an attractive card game integrated into Microsoft’s system. Initially, the purpose of the game was to help users practice using the computer mouse. However, with its attractiveness, Solitaire has become a popular electronic game for many people.

Introduction to Solitaire Game

Despite being over 30 years old, Solitaire remains a legendary game that stands the test of time. Known as “xếp bài nhện” (Spider Solitaire) in Vietnam, Solitaire is a very popular game suitable for all ages.

You can play Solitaire anywhere, anytime on your phone or computer without needing an internet connection. Moreover, the rules of Solitaire are very simple, and you can quickly learn how to play.

How to Play Solitaire?

Understanding the rules of Solitaire is essential before playing the game. Once you grasp the rules, you’ll be able to conquer this game in no time. The rules of Solitaire are straightforward. You just need to understand them a few times to start playing.

In each game, you are dealt 28 cards face down. Your task is to arrange the cards from Ace to King in 4 columns according to predefined rules at the top. Many people say that the chances of winning Solitaire are very high.

Learn the rules of the Solitaire game in detail.

When facing difficulties in moving the cards, the system will offer you hints. However, there are also many challenging versions of Solitaire available. Therefore, you need to apply all your thinking to analyze and calculate the best possible moves.

In addition to mastering the rules of Solitaire, you should also learn some playing tips to increase your winning chances. Only then will you not feel discouraged when playing Solitaire.

Guide to playing Solitaire for newbies

In addition to the rules, the gameplay is also a matter of concern for many gamers, especially for newbies learning about this game. To win at Solitaire, you should refer to the playing instructions provided by jun88 below.

The most accurate way to play Solitaire nowadays

How does a Solitaire game start?

This is the beginning part of the most accurate Solitaire playing guide. The screen will automatically deal 28 cards randomly, without any specific rules. These cards are all face-down and distributed into 7 separate columns. Additionally, the system prepares 24 reserve cards for you to use during the game.

How does a Solitaire game begin?

Once the system has finished dealing the cards, your game will officially begin. You will use the mouse to move the face-up cards one by one on the board into the empty columns on the side. You will click the left mouse button to hold, drag, and release the card to the desired position.

The condition for a valid card arrangement is that they must be in descending order, alternating colors, compared to the cards placed before them. When you move a card, the column will immediately flip new cards for you to play with. If there are no playable cards on the board, you can use the reserve cards to play.

How does a Solitaire game end?

When you have completed the card arrangement task, the Solitaire game will end. All 28 cards will be arranged into the corresponding valid columns. At that point, you will calculate the total score to determine the outcome. The scoring is based on the number of cards stacked in each column and the number of moves made according to the rules. As you can see, playing Solitaire is not as difficult as many people think.

Some Solitaire tips to help you become a master

Once you’ve learned how to play Solitaire, have you ever wondered how to become a Solitaire master in the shortest amount of time? If so, check out the Solitaire tips we’ve compiled below.

Playing Solitaire requires some tips and tricks.

Mastering the rules of Solitaire is crucial 

If you want to win any game. Understanding the rules of Solitaire helps you avoid point deductions due to incorrect moves. Additionally, you can employ strategies that align with the rules and gameplay of Solitaire, significantly increasing your chances of winning the game.

Try to plan your moves ahead when playing Solitaire. 

Many players make the mistake of only focusing on their current move without considering the subsequent ones. A wise Solitaire player calculates their second and third moves in advance. This method helps you accomplish your objectives within the designated time and reduces the number of incorrect moves. This is an effective Solitaire playing method shared by experienced players.

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Maintaining a stable mindset is crucial for effective Solitaire gameplay. 

Play Solitaire with a clear and focused mind. Don’t let the scores of previous players distract you or cause you to lose focus. Also, avoid being distracted by external factors. Focus on calculating strategies and planning your moves. Most importantly, have confidence in your choices while playing Solitaire.


We hope that with our guide on how to play Solitaire, you have gained a better understanding of the game. Apply this knowledge to your actual games, and you’ll surely achieve the results you expect.

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