Announcement: OKVIP Group’s New Dormitory Officially Completed

The new dormitory is much more magnificent than the old one

OKVIP Group has just officially announced the opening of the new dormitory building, starting from March 10, 2024. With a large area, full of amenities and modern equipment, the new dormitory area promises to bring employees a much better life.

Location and Scale of the Project

OKVIP dormitory is built near the headquarters, so it is extremely convenient to travel to the workplace. In addition, it is located in a prime location with many factories and companies under construction and close to Bavet night market, Moc Bai supermarket, hospital, etc. According to the latest images provided by the unit, the project is built on a quite grand scale with a total of 15 floors.

Design and Amenities of the Dormitory

The unit has shared images and information about the 3D drawing of the dormitory with a magnificent design and huge area. The project is designed with full amenities, with places to sleep, live, eat and entertain for employees. From the 4th to the 12th floor, bunk beds will be arranged as a resting place for workers.

Photo of the employee kitchen and dining area

In addition, the 13th, 14th and 15th floors of the OKVIP dormitory will be designed with entertainment games and many activities such as playing table tennis, playing billiards, picking up stuffed animals, etc. In addition, the administrative department has also begun to arrange a kitchen and dining table, serving employees who need to take a break and have lunch during their break.

Evaluation of OKVIP Group’s “Century Project”

Since the construction announcement, this project has quickly received much attention and anticipation from the employees working here.

Construction Standards and Safety

Standards and quality are always highly valued and given top priority by the unit. OKVIP has chosen a contractor with many years of experience, regularly checking the quality and progress of the work. Safety and always meeting standards are the issues that are focused on when the unit builds the building.

The project is guaranteed to be fire-safe, meeting high escape standards

Convenient and Modern

The next special feature of the project built by the unit is its convenience and extreme modernity. Workers can live, eat, sleep and entertain right in the dormitory. In addition, the building is also designed modernly, bringing convenience and ensuring the quality of life for employees.

The interior architecture of the bedroom is very complete and convenient

Support, Care for Employees

The dormitory is built to support workers with a place to eat and rest, while also showing that the unit always cares and takes care of them wholeheartedly. The quality of your life when working with OKVIP is extremely good and is always focused on.

The above is the latest detailed information about the OKVIP dormitory shared with you. Hopefully, through today’s article, you have understood more, answered your related questions and trusted the address more.

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